Official Advisory–2013-4

September 25, 2013


Mr. Governor,

Advisory in the Matter of the Appointment of Olupoti of Ipoti- Ekiti in Ijero Local Government Area 

1.       At the 5th Meeting of the State Executive Council held on Wednesday, 27th March, 2013 I requested that the Council step down discussion on the Memorandum on the Appointment of the Olupoti of Ipoti to enable my office determine the merit of a petition filed by one of the contestants. The petition was received by my office after we had issued a clearance advisory.

2.       My office reviewed the petition and found that the certificate of appointment required to be signed by the kingmakers affirming the selection of the chosen candidate was not signed.  .

3.       My office and the Bureau of Chieftaincy Affairs convened a meeting with the Kingmakers, the officials of the Ijero Local Government Council and the Ifa priests with a view to understanding the reasoning behind the non-assenting of the certificate of appointment by the kingmakers.

4.       The meeting reviewed documentary and video evidence and extensively discussed the processes culminating into the choice of new Olupoti. There was in general an agreement that the process was free, fair and in compliance with Chiefs Law of Ekiti State. The kingmakers in attendance could not provide any genuine reason for their refusal to sign the certificate of appointment. Although they suggested that the process be commenced afresh, some of the reasons they gave was personal in nature and related to their personal survival.

  1. 5.       In view of these, it is my considered view that the refusal of the Olupoti Kingmakers to sign the Certificate of Appointment was not as a result of non-compliance with the Chiefs Law but was done in bad faith.


  1. 6.       I do not think that the kingmakers should be beneficiaries of their wrongful conduct. I am unable to advise that the entire process be commenced afresh. In my view this would amount to setting a precedent that could be subject of abuse in other chieftaincy matters in Ekiti State. Also my assessment of the kingmakers is that there is no guarantee that they would consent to the outcome of a new process.

7.  My advice therefore is that Council approve the appointment of Prince Kolade James Oladipupo as Olupoti of Ipoti-Ekiti through the Memorandum EKSG:ECM (2013) Titled Appointment of recognised Chieftaincy of Olupoti  of Ipoti- Ekiti in Ijero Local Government Area presented by the Secretary to the State Government.



Olawale Fapohunda
Attorney-General & Honourable Commissioner for Justice.