Department of Civil Litigation

The Department of Civil Litigation is one of the core Departments in the Ministry of Justice, Ekiti State. The Department is seen as the nucleus of the State government operations because of the sensitive and volatile issues it handles. The Department is saddled with the responsibility of handling civil matters (Chieftaincy, contract, employment, land matters and other sundry issues) in the State. In the performance of its functions, the Department renders legal advice and provides legal representation to Government Ministries, Departments, Agencies, and Parastatal in the various courts in and outside the State.


  • Provide legal advice to the State Government and/ or its agencies regarding civil litigation;
  • Handle all civil litigation brought against the State and/ or its agencies;
  • Institute civil action on behalf of the State and its agencies;
  • Provide arbitration and conciliation services between the Government and corporate bodies or individuals.


  • Develop and maintain a legitimate system of administering justice and State affairs.
  • Exercise our functions, and perform our duties in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Promote justice, fairness and equity.
  • Uphold the Constitution and the Rule of Law.


To transform the justice delivery system in the State so that it reflects the basic constitutional ideals, as well as goals of the Government policies on better life for the people in the State and offering quality legal advice/opinion on various issues in the state without delay.


  1. Mrs. Bolanle Wale-Awe – Director
  2. Mr. A.E Akpan – Deputy Director
  3. Mr. Ilesanmi Jacob Adelusi – Chief Legal Officer
  4. Mr. Tunde Ola-Olorun – Assistant Chief Legal Officer
  5. Mrs. Yetunde Kolawole – Senior Legal Officer
  6. Mrs. Oluwatoyin Marcus – Legal Officer
  7. Mr. Olowoyo James – Legal Officer
  8. Mr. Kolawole Olaiya – Legal Officer
  9. Miss. Seyi Ojo – Legal Officer
  10. Miss. Adetutu Oluwaseyi – Legal Officer
  11. Mrs. Afuye F.F – Confidential Secretary
  12. Mr. Olabode Joseph – Senior Clerical Officer