Department of Administrator-General and PublicTrustee

Governing Legislation

The office of Administrator-General and Public Trustee is governed by the following pieces of legislation:

  1. Administrator of the Estate Law,
  2. Administrator-General Law
  3. Child Right Law

This list is not exhaustive as the operations of the Department touches and concern many other enactments


  1. The office of Administrator-General & Public Trustee has the mandate to administer the estate of deceased persons who have died intestate and have left children under age of eighteen years.
  2. The legal authority to administer the assets of an estate comes from a grant of Probate or letter of Administrator from the court.
  3. The office of Administrator-General & Public Trustee is headed by the Administrator-General and Public Trustee. The Administrator-General is supported by the Deputy Administrator-General and a pool of professionals and dedicated officials comprising of legal officers, Accountant, Auditor, Administrative officers and other supporting staff.

Operation of The Department

  1. The office protect and manage estates.
  2. Recovers assets and proceeds due to estate and settle liabilities.
  3. Verify and disburse the death benefits to next of kin of public officers who died in active service.
  4. Facilitate and obtains letter of Administration and reseal same where the other assets are outside Ekiti State.
  5. Partitions and issue vesting Deed to beneficiaries.
  6. Represent and defend estate in court; and.
  7. By virtue of section 32 of Administration of Estate Law, Law of Ekiti State, any private Executor or Administrator General by instrument in writing under his hand transfer the assets of the estate in him by virtue of a grant of probate or letter of Administration to the Administrator-General.
  8. The office is proposing to open a register for the registration of properties (both assets and liabilities) in the state.