The Mission Statement

The purpose of the Ministry of Justice {MOJ} is to administer justice in Ekiti State and to oversee state legal and legislative services.

We will carry out this mission according to the values that are in the Constitution and the 8 point agenda of the administration. Good governance, democracy and equality are at the heart of these values.

In keeping with these values, the MOJ will move away from a rigid law and order paradigm and towards one based on greater efficiency, professionalism and effectiveness. We will affirm the equal worth of all people and focus on customer service and on results. We will focus on achieving citizen’s confidence in the Ministry of Justice.

Key Result Areas

  • An integrated, efficient and professional Ministry of Justice
  • Effective and efficient provision of legal and legislative services to the state.
  • Strengthening Courts and the other structures administering justice without compromising their independence
  • Safety, security and freedom from crime for everybody in Ekiti State
  • Human resources development
  • Fair and equal access to justice for all, taking into account the diversity of the needs of all those who live in Ekiti State

The main functions of the Ministry of Justice is to do the following:

  • Draft and check parliamentary legislation
  • Review government contracts
  • Give legal opinions to government departments and to statutory bodies
  • Check subordinate legislation to make sure that it is clear correct and legal
  • Scrutinize international agreements to make sure that they are not in conflict with the Constitution or with any municipal laws including laws of Ekiti State.
  • Acts for the state government where there is conflict between the state government and the federal government
  • Do legal work for various statutory bodies in which the government has financial or other interests.

The Ministry of justice handles criminal cases, civil claims and actions, notorial work, contracts and legal advise.

The Vision

The vision describes the way that we will fulfill our mission. Our vision is to provide a system of justice that is simpler, more efficient and more responsive to people’s needs.

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