Department of Administration & Supply is purely a service organ to other departments in the Ministry.

It’s function include Appointment (e.g. Compilation of Nominal Roll, Recruitment of Junior Officers) Promotion (Promotion of junior staff GL. 01 06, processing of application for advancement/upgrading/conversion of junior staff on GL.01 06, Promotion of senior staff on GL.06 13), Discipline of staff (Issuance of queries to offending staff and processing of their responses, Investigating cases involving both of civil service rules and regulations by staff, Preparation of briefs for the consideration at both the junior and senior staff committees in respect of officer having disciplinary cases, implementation of decisions of the junior and senior staff committees, Providing professional advice to management on the application of Civil Service Rules to erring Officer and ensuring that proper procedure is followed/adhered to in all cases) Staff welfare and training (Enhancement of staff welfare and capacity development Supplies (Procurement, storage and distribution of items such as stationeries, vehicles. Plants and machinery, furniture and office equipments.