The office of the Administrator-General & Public Trustee is one of the ancient or old Departments within the Ministry of Justice like Public Prosecutions, civil Litigations, Legal Drafting ,e.t.c.

The Department is situated within the Ministry of Justice Building Complex in Phase II of the State Secretariat, Ado-Ekiti.It occupies two rooms within the down floors in the complex, by the left hand side immediately beside the Receptionist’s desk.


The core mandate/function of the Administrator-General & Public Trustee Department via the Enabling Laws and as the name connotes, is to administer/ manage estate of deceased persons who dies interstate(i.e without a will) or in a situation where he is appointed to serve as an executor of the deceased’s Estate, especially where Minors are involved.

The Department also performs an incidental function of signing Affidavit (i.e Commissioner for Oaths.
This core mandate could come through the following avenues:

Where the Administrator General and Public Trustee (AG&PT) is appointed as executor by the Testator (i.e the maker of a will).

Where the next of kin of a deceased person is unknown, absent from Nigeria or neglect to apply for Letter of Administration after the death of the Deceased.

Where no executor is appointed or where executor(s) appointed in a will has/have refused to act or renounced their power.

Where the Deceased died, without leaving any recognized Descendant(s).
Where a minor is beneficiary in an Estate.

Finally, Where a court gives order for the AG& PT to take other administration of an Estate.

Flowing from the analyzed mandates and functions, the Department has performed the following from October 2018 till Date.

Collected and distributed Fifty Nine million, Two Hundred and Twenty Six Thousand, Nine Hundred and Two Naira, Four kobo (N59,226,902.04) only and on behalf of Eighty Seven (87) beneficiaries, both from the Local Government and State PETAD.

So also it has generated the sum of Thirty-one Thousand, two thousand Naira (N31,200.00) only to the coffer of the State Government via Swearing of Affidavits.

It has also paid to the purse of the State Government, the sum of One Million Naira (N 1,000,000) only through Administrative charges.

Contact Details of the Department:
Email Address :
Phone Number: 08053205620

Names of the Personnel:
(i)Director: Alabi Olufemi Peter (Esq).
(ii) Deputy Director: Odunayo Yetunde, Ojo (Mrs).