The Ministry of Justice, Ekiti State requests comments from the public on ‘EKITI STATE VICTIMS’ CHARTER BILL, 2020.’

The objectives of the proposed Law are:

1. To recognise the impact of crime on the victims of crime, including the impact on members of victims’ families, witnesses to the crime and in some cases, the broader community;

2. To recognise that all persons adversely affected by crime, regardless of whether they report the offence, should be treated with respect by all investigatory agencies, prosecuting agencies and victims’ services agencies and should be offered information to enable them to access appropriate services to help with the recovery process; and

3. To help reduce the likelihood of secondary victimisation by the criminal justice system.

In furtherance of the commitment of the Government of Ekiti State to public participation in governance, the Ministry of Justice requests for comments from the public on all aspects of the proposed Law.

Comments should be sent to or hand-delivered to:
Director, Law Review,
Ministry of Justice,
Phase III, State Secretariat
Ado Ekiti

Deadline for the submission of comments is Friday 8 January 2021 at midnight.


Find soft copy of the bill by clicking HERE >>> EKITI STATE VICTIMS Charter BILL, 2020-1