1. The Ministry of Justice is working with its staff, in cooperation with the Ekiti State COVID-19 Taskforce to increase the knowledge among staff on how to protect themselves from Coronavirus while at the same time ensuring professional service delivery to the government and people of Ekiti State.

2. A number of necessary measures have been taken in addition to those provided by the Ekiti State Coronavirus Disease (Prevention of Infection) Regulations, 2020, to protect staff and prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the Ministry of Justice (MOJ).

These include:

a. Indefinite closure of the Registry.

The registry of the MOJ shall remain closed indefinitely until such a time when adequate and appropriate protocol will be put in place for the handling of official documents and filing systems.

This is in compliance with the advisory of the Ekiti State Taskforce on COVID-19 concerning the spread of Coronavirus through papers, correspondence, and related materials. The staff of the Ministry who work in the registry will have to be fully and properly kitted by the MOJ, notably, with facemasks, disposable hand gloves, and constant supply of hand sanitizer.

b. Protocol on receiving official communications.

Following the closure of the registry, certain Officers have been designated to receive official communications on behalf of the MOJ. Couriers of such documents are advised to ensure that files, letters, Court processes as the case may be are sanitized with alcohol-based sanitizers before they are brought to the Ministry. Documents not subjected to this procedure will be rejected.

3. All correspondence received by the Ministry with effect from the date of the publication of this notice shall be placed in a secure facility, without processing, for a minimum period of 10 days to enable the removal of any COVID-19 strain on such documents. At the expiration of the 10 day period afore specified, the documents shall be brought out from the secure facilities and processed by the designated officer o in the Ministry.

4. The General Public is advised that it is the responsibility of persons/parties/institutions/Government departments sending the communications to advise the Ministry on the nature of such documents in cases where such is time-bound and or requires the MOJ to take urgent action.

5. In matters of this nature interested parties are advised to send electronic copies to the given e-mail address of the MOJ in any convenient format. All emails will be duly acknowledged with 24 hours.

The MOJ will not accept responsibility for any act or omission occasioned by the 10 day processing period where interested parties fail to advise the MOJ through email of the existence or status of the correspondence.

Contact Details:
Office of the Solicitor–General & Permanent Secretary, the
Ministry of Justice
Email: mojekiti@gmail.com


Tunde Olaolorun
Special Assistant to the Hon. Attorney- General on
Public Education, Media & Communication.

15 April 2020